Subscriber Functionality

HTML / plain text alternate e-mails
Closed-loop opt-in / opt-out confirmation
Automated unsubscribing links
Forward to a friend support
Public message archive system
RSS Publishing
CAPTCHA form protection
Multi-lingual end-user tools

Control Panel: User Management Functions

Integrated subscriber history
Ability to ban e-mail addresses or entire domains
Advanced subscriber searching/sorting
Subscriber Excel & CSV importing
Subscriber CSV exporting

Control Panel: Sending Functions

Text-message spell checking
HTML-message spell checking
CKEditor Rich Text Editor
Compose message/Queue message functionality
Post-Subscribe Auto-Reply
Post-Unsubscribe Auto-Reply
Re-send old messages
Browse message queue/sort by send status
Viewable message history
Supports multiple groups/lists
Text / HTML e-mail templates with variables
E-mail file attachments and management
Custom e-mail fields
E-mail variable support
Send mail by mail(), SMTP or Sendmail
Adjust sending speed/quantity/delay
Unlimited group levels
Multi-group sending (with duplicate removal)
Easy recovery from stalled sends
Pause / resume sending

System Features

Database table prefixes
Optional persistant database connection
Easy installation and upgrade program
Dynamic settings and preferences
Check for latest updates
Backup & Restore system
Uses PHPMailer Mail Class
Uses ADOdb Database Class


Web based and downloable documentation