ListMessenger exceeds expectations as a well designed, easy to use, lightweight mailing list management solution for your website. ListMessenger is feature packed but because of its intuitive design remains simple to use and easy to maintain.

Our Story

ListMessenger was initially developed over 20 years ago. It has sold 7,872 licences, and the Light and Pro versions were installed on 29,691+ websites. While there were several releases between 2003 and 2011, development largely stalled as priorities changed.

In the summer of 2022, a long-time ListMessenger administrator sent me a Twitter DM asking for an updated version of the software that would run on a newer version of PHP. This request coincided with some infrequent spare time and resulted in a quiet ListMessenger Pro 2.2.2 release that supported PHP 7.4 and a promise to support PHP 8 shortly. Code improvements and modernization continued, and in January of 2023, ListMessenger Pro 2.2.3 was released, which introduced PHP 8 support, upgraded all internal libraries, resolved all known bugs and improved every PHP file within the software. Oh, and we made it free!

While the web has changed significantly, ListMessenger Pro, a classic mailing list management application written in PHP, has stayed pretty much the same. Before the days of SaaS and the Cloud, website administrators would install and manage web applications directly on their websites.

ListMessenger is not currently available as a Cloud-based service. To use ListMessenger, you will need to have an existing website, download our Zip distribution file, upload the application to your web hosting account, and install the product. Complete installation instructions are available in our documentation.

ListMessenger Pro, a classic, is now available at no cost.

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    You may have noticed that ListMessenger Pro has recently undergone some exciting changes; a 2.2.2 release in June 2022 that introduced PHP 7.4 support and upgraded some core libraries, and then a much bigger 2.2.3 release in January 2023 that introduced PHP 8 support, upgraded all internal libraries, resolved all
  • ListMessenger Pro 2.2.3 Released
    Any of you #ListMessenger admins out there will be happy to know that ListMessenger Pro 2.2.3 has been released! This classic app is now available at no cost, and has been digitally remastered for PHP 8.x Download it at On Twitter @listmessenger Changelog