Forum & Members Area Downtime

This evening from approximately 7:45PM EST until tomorrow morning (Monday, March 1st, 2004) until around 10:30AM EST the ListMessenger Forum as well as the ListMessenger Members Area will be unavailable while we do a server change.

While downtime should be minimal, the backup that we make this evening will be restored to the new server tomorrow morning meaning that any purchases from the Members Area or postings in the forum would be lost. We feel that it’s best to remove access to these area’s until after our upgrade so as not to create any confusion with potential customers or cause any forum posts to be lost.

While we realize that this upgrade may be of some inconvenience to some users, we feel that it’s better for the greater good.

So please post and shop away until 7:45PM EST today, if not, we’ll see you tomorrow when we’re back online!

Christmas Announcement E-mail Problem

Yes, so today I sent out the first Announcement to everyone that subscribed to the ListMessenger mailing list through the Members Area; however, I didn’t realize my version of ListMessenger was the original release of 1.0 that doesn’t work properly and has problems with the headers. 

So needless to say, I’m apologizing for this and I have upgraded my own stupid version as of now. It won’t happen again.

ListMessenger Pro 1.0 Release Delay

Much to my dismay, I am posting this thread to inform users that ListMessenger Pro 1.0’s release date has been pushed back one week, to Monday, October 6th, 2003.

There are a number of factors that lead to this delay. The major one being that I could not find a suitable e-commerce solution for purchasing software and managing licence keys, so I had to write my own. This solution is what will be required for users to purchase and generate the keys needed to run ListMessenger Pro. I figure that one week extra week will ensure that the released product is of the quality that I, myself, would expect to purchase.

I will post further status details in this thread as I have them:
– Completed: support management system
– Completed: store application design and database
– Completed: store signup process
– Completed: store signin process
– Completed: store shopping cart process
– Completed: store order management process
– Working: store key assignment process
– Working: ListMessenger key integration process
– Working: ListMessenger key tracking process
– Working: ListMessenger update scripts
– Working: ListMessenger setup scripts
– ToDo: final testing and QA
– ToDo: new ListMessenger website