Much to my dismay, I am posting this thread to inform users that ListMessenger Pro 1.0’s release date has been pushed back one week, to Monday, October 6th, 2003.

There are a number of factors that lead to this delay. The major one being that I could not find a suitable e-commerce solution for purchasing software and managing licence keys, so I had to write my own. This solution is what will be required for users to purchase and generate the keys needed to run ListMessenger Pro. I figure that one week extra week will ensure that the released product is of the quality that I, myself, would expect to purchase.

I will post further status details in this thread as I have them:
– Completed: support management system
– Completed: store application design and database
– Completed: store signup process
– Completed: store signin process
– Completed: store shopping cart process
– Completed: store order management process
– Working: store key assignment process
– Working: ListMessenger key integration process
– Working: ListMessenger key tracking process
– Working: ListMessenger update scripts
– Working: ListMessenger setup scripts
– ToDo: final testing and QA
– ToDo: new ListMessenger website