I felt as though I should post a note to announce the development status of ListMessenger 1.1. I am very happy to say that it is going along quite well and despite some initial delays, development is on course and the release date of June 28th, 2004 is expected to be met. While I expect that it will be ready for June 28th, I will probably initially release it as a Release Candidate and make it available to all current ListMessenger Pro users who wish to participate in the development process. After it’s been tested in some larger environments (might take a few days to a week) it will be officially launched to the public.

Thorough testing is underway at the present time; however, I’ve learned along the way that the best tests are done by the users themselves.

I will also say that ListMessenger is being, for the most part, re-written and there are many enhancements and new features which are going to be included.

Remember, ListMessenger Pro users receive all ListMessenger Pro upgrades at no cost.

More status updates will be posted in this section as they are available. I’ll also probably post some screenshots to tease when all major sections are completed.