Despite my better judgement, ListMessenger Pro 1.0 will include the ability to import and export both names and e-mail addresses in CSV and Microsoft Excel formats. This feature will be located in the Control Panel under Import/Exporting.

Important: ListMessenger Light (free version) will not contain this feature at all, nor will I provide support, scripts or instructions as to how to import or export names or e-mail addresses from or to the database.

Important: This is not a selling point to try to get people to purchase the Pro version for $49.95CAD. The reason that I am including this feature is because if an admin decides that they wish to switch from another mailing list manager to ListMessenger, as of right now, they have no way of doing this. This alone would be a huge set back for the program and a huge deturant for new ListMessenger users.

This was an extremely hard decision for me to make, as I fear now more than ever that this feature will make ListMessenger at least some what more appealing to SPAMers; however, I do have and will continue to develop effective features into ListMessenger that attempt this from happening. Abuse of this feature will not be tolerated, there will be no warnings and any one who is caught abusing this will have a big surprise when they try to log into their ListMessenger installation and their key is no longer valid.