A few things I felt it is important to update everyone one.

New Update: Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
I just got back from a Medical Conference for the past week. I’m home for a few days and then I have to leave again for my cousin’s wedding. During this time I’ve been working on ListMessenger on/off. I’ve got the new setup engine done and all that remains is the upgrade program, which I am currently working on. Thank-you for your patience.

1) The next release of ListMessenger is going along very well. The application itself is now complete and is being tested by a few select individuals. The only thing left to do is to write the new installer / upgrade system so I don’t expect this will take much longer. Again, I do not want to set a release date; however, if I were to hinder a guess I would say Sunday, April 24th, 2005 would be a good date. I’ll just reiterate that this is not a release date, but just a date that I would expect it to be completed.

2) I have updated ListMessenger Pro 1.0’s internal packages and fixed a number of smaller issues that have been causing a higher number of support issues lately. The updates to ListMessenger Pro 1.0 include:

  • An upgraded PHPMailer class which does not have SMTP problems.
  • PHP5 readiness by default (renamed $this to $string).
  • Removal of invalid index.php file in the public images folder.
  • An update to the Import tool which moves import files from the servers tmp directory to your ListMessenger tmp directory before reading them.

There is no need to upgrade ListMessenger 1.0 if you are not currently experiencing any problems. The issues that were fixed are generally minor and usually effect users immediately. No version number was incremented (i.e. 1.0.2) because in ListMessenger 1.0 if I increment a version number change I had to upgrade the installer and since this was a maintenance release, it just wasn’t worth it. In the next release of ListMessenger I have implemented a build numbering system you will always know where your release stands.

3) I will be away this weekend and unable to provide technical support to users. I am leaving Friday at 12:00PM EST and will return Sunday evening. Please feel free to leave messages on the forum and I will address them when I return.