As with every release of ListMessenger, I am very pleased to announce the immediate availability of ListMessenger Pro 2.1 and ListMessenger Light 2.1. This new release adds several new features to the product and resolves all known bugs, making this our most stable release to date.

ListMessenger Pro users can download the upgrade from the “My Downloads” section of the ListMessenger Members Area and ListMessenger Light users can download the upgrade from the Downloads section on the main page of the site.

The upgrade process from previous 2.x releases to 2.1 is easy to do, please review the instructions in the docs directory of the distribution file. If you are upgrading from previous versions of ListMessenger, do not worry, you are not left out; the setup application can upgrade right from ListMessenger 0.5.0 to 2.1.0.

Main Changes in ListMessenger 2.1

New Features

  • CAPTCHA image protection for End-User Tools (requires GD Image Library with Freetype 2).
  • New RSS syndication for mailing list archive (in archive.php).
  • New post subscribe / unsubscribe message auto-reply option.
  • End-Users can now update their subscriber information (in profile.php).
  • Subscribers firstname and lastname have been added to administrator notifications.
  • New [messageid] and [profileurl] variables added to message and template composition.
  • New bulk removal tool for removing multiple e-mail addresses at once.
  • New copy / move subscribers option added so you can manage subscribers more easily.
  • Administrators can now remove selected messages from the Queue Manager individually.

Updates & Refinements

  • ListMessenger interface refinements including new scaling width and height.
  • Manage Groups section displays the number of subscribers in each individual group.
  • Increased speed of list exports on large mailing lists.
  • InnovaStudio 2.9.8 Upgrade

And many more… Please see the Listmessenger 2.1 Change Log for the full changelog.

Future Changes

The ListMessenger 2.x code base is now fairly mature and we need room to grow! So with that we will soon be starting development on ListMessenger 3.0. If you have any last pieces of feedback or suggestions for the 3.0 release, please post them in the Suggestions & Feedback section as I this will be reviewed while we develop our Roadmap to 3.0.

The other exciting piece of news is that will soon be getting a facelift! Our current website and members area has served us quite well, but it’s starting to age. The new site design (currently in development) will bring us up to Web 2.0 standards and the new purchasing system will allow for more flexibility including add-on purchases and alternate payment methods.

We will be posting more details as soon as we can.