To address some minor issues in the initial ListMessenger 2.2 release I have released an updated build of both ListMessenger Light & Pro. ListMessenger Pro can be downloaded from the “My Downloads” section of the ListMessenger Members Area, and ListMessenger Light can be downloaded from the “Downloads” section of the website.

This update resolves the following issues:

  • Upgraded TinyMCE to version
  • PRO ONLY: Upgraded MCImageManager plugin to version (resolves 4371).
  • New option to run TinyMCE in Basic mode, which has limited CSS use for Outlook 2007, or Advanced mode, which creates valid CSS (resolves 4361).
  • New option to use PHP’s mail() function in Basic mode, which does not set the Return-Path or Advanced mode, which does set the Return-Path using the 5th parameter (resolves 4364).
  • Replaced TabPane library with the jQuery UI Tabs interface (resolves 4347).
  • Minor variable name change when someone attempts to subscribe to a group they already reside in through the end-user tools.

There are no database changes in this release. To upgrade simply upload the files from the latest build over top of your existing ListMessenger files on your web-server (accept for includes/, and you’re good to go.