I am pleased to say that after a much delayed release date, ListMessenger Light 1.0.0 (free version) has been released to the public. This version supports updated code and is the first of what will be a long line of Lighter versions of ListMessenger.

The features missing in Light from ListMessenger Pro are:

  • There is no integrated subscriber history / details.
  • There is no importing & exporting abilities.
  • There is no text-based spell checking support.
  • You cannot modify the speed in which messages send.
  • Script warns administrator once subscriber list is greater than 200 users.
  • There are no backup & restore tools.
  • No access to priority forum support.
  • No access to trouble ticket support.
  • No access to members area.

ListMessenger Light is the perfect solution for:

  • Small personal / commercial / non-profit websites who do not expect a lot of traffic and / or subscribers.
  • Web-masters / Web-designers who would like to evaluate the product and ensure that it will run on their server prior to purchasing the Pro version.
  • Users who need a fast, light solution for a temporary project or product.

If it does end up that you do need to upgrade to the Pro version because you have more than 200 subscribers, or you like the product or for any reason, it’s as easy as purchasing it, and uploading all the new files to your ListMessenger directory. Nothing else needs to be done as both versions use the same database content and structure. This can be done by anyone in a matter for minutes.

If you have any questions / comments, please feel free to post in the forum.