Despite my better judgment, ListMessenger Pro 1.0 will have the option of subscription confirmation on sign-up to accompany the subscription confirmation option upon un-subscribing. The option will be located in the End-User Prefereces within the control panel.

Important: ListMessenger Light (free version) will not contain this feature at all, nor will I provide support, scripts or instructions as to how to remove the subscription confirmation.

Important: This is not a selling point to try to get people to purchase the Pro version for $49.95CAD. The reason that I am including it as an option in the Pro version is because in many cases people have valid reasons for not wanting the confirmation and they have paid money to use the program and receive support. Some valid reasons in my opinion that I have heard are:
1) I use ListMessenger inside of another sign-up script and include it as an opt-in checkbox.
2) I use ListMessenger combined with my on-line store and include it as an opt-in checkbox.
3) I use ListMessenger on my companies Intranet and employees shouldn’t have to confirm.
4) etc etc.

So either way, I thought that I would make this announcement so I don’t have to answer any more posts, suggestions or feature requests regarding this issue.

Also note, that abuse of this feature will not be tolerated, there will be no warnings and any one who is caught abusing this will have a big surprise when they try to log into their ListMessenger installation and their key is no longer valid.