• Upgrade Program to upgrade / migrate ListMessenger 0.5 – 1.0 (working on)
  • Documentation (working on: Erik is doing great at this.)

(completed list is at the bottom of the message)


Well after another long stretch of development, I’m pleased to announce that another beta release of ListMessenger Pro 1.1 (Beta 2) is available for download in the Members Area of the ListMessenger website. This beta release is available to anyone who has previously purchased ListMessenger Pro 1.0.

This beta completes the new ListMessenger administration interface and adds a lot of new features to ListMessenger in general. Because of all the new features, this beta release was required to ensure the product is as stable and sound as possible prior to the final release. What this beta does not include is the upgraded end-user tools which allow people to subscribe from your website, and it also does not include an upgrade path from previous versions of ListMessenger. The end-user tools and upgrade system are currently in development and will be included with the final release of ListMessenger.

I would also like to remind you once again, that this is in fact a beta release and I implore you not to use this as your production system. Please do not overwrite your ListMessenger 1.0 installation with this beta release.

I would also like to remind you that all ListMessenger Pro upgrades are available at no cost and upgrade support is also provided via the forum for the final release. On that note, installation support is generally not provided for installing a beta release; however, you are encouraged to express opinions, comments or problems in the forum as well. The forum is available 24 hours a day at:

Finally, I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank all ListMessenger users who are eagerly, but patiently awaiting the final release of this version. It has been one heck of a journey to get this far and this release has been in development for over an entire year.

Also a special thank-you goes out to a forum user and now moderator Erik Geurts, whose dedication and assistance within the ListMessenger community does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. Thanks Erik.


  • Done… Upgrade End-User Tools
  • Done… Add Notifications To End-User Tools
  • Done… Put out ListMessenger Pro 1.1 Beta 2
  • Done… Auto-Unsubscribe Link
  • Done… Text-Message Spell Checking Integration
  • Done… Control Panel Item – Import & Export
  • Done… Control Panel Item – Backup & Restore
  • Done… Online Files Window when Composing
  • Done… Control Panel Item – Templates
  • Done… Control Panel Item – File Management
  • Done… Subscriber Stats
  • Done… HTMLArea ImageManager Plug-In
  • Done… Timezone Offsetting Ability
  • Done… Just updating comments, and installer.
  • Done… Migrate the Preferences page into the Control Panel.
  • Done… Finish add / edit / delete subscribers.
  • Done… Fix pop-up calendar bug for Safari support.
  • Done… Fix resume bug in sending system.
  • Done… Queue listing page.
  • Done… Fix move subscribers bug when deleting a group.
  • Done… Fix deleting subscribers bug (didn’t delete custom data).
  • Done… Upgraded ADODB classes to 4.60