I am pleased to announce that after nearly one and a half years in development, ListMessenger Pro 1.0 will be available for purchase ($49.95CAD || ~$35.73USD) on Monday, September 29th, 2003. This will be the first commercial version of the application available and will contain many feature enhancements and bug fixes over current private and public development versions.

Prior to September 29th there will be a final development phase release, given to selected ListMessenger users who have made contributions to the project during it’s first development cycle. These users will be contacted by myself when I am ready to release, so please do not e-mail me asking to be included in the pre-release testing phase.

Here is a sneak peak of some of ListMessenger newest features, please feel free to discuss any of these on this forum; however, be advised that ListMessenger is currently in a feature freeze and nothing else will be added until after ListMessenger Pro 1.0 is released.

ListMessenger Program:
– Text-Message spell-checking (requires PHP to be compiled –with-pspell)
– HTML-Message Rich Text Editor with image uploading
– Simple user subscribe/unsubscribe history browser
– Administrators “Add Members” contains optional “opt-in” request
– Quick “Save” feature when composing a message
– Queue pruning support for selected message types
– Quickly copy a message from message options window
– View composed message directly from message options window
– Import addresses into ListMessenger (Microsoft Excel / CSV)
– Upgraded PHPMailer class
– Preview HTML Templates
– Advanced licence management
– Searchable/Dumpable subscribe/unsubscribe list
– Opt-out message added to bottom of _all_ text messages
– Opt-out variable added to HTML Template

End-User Tools:
– End-User tools migrated to it’s own “public” directory
– End-User tools preferences are now in the Control Panel
– Optional “opt-in” message from End-User tools integrated
– Public archive of previous messages
– Banned e-mail address and banned domains list
– End-User Tools now use customizable language files

There may be more features that I just haven’t mentioned as well.

Please be advised that while I will do everything I can to have ListMessenger Light 1.0 ready by September 29th, it is currently 3rd on my priority list. 1) Being getting ListMessenger Pro completed 2) Being complete the new ListMessenger website / store 3) Being to complete ListMessenger Light. Please do not worry, I will try to not let this be a habit as I plan on always releasing the Pro & Light versions at the same time and there _will_ always be a Light version for users to use at no cost.