ListMessenger Light 2.0 has finally been released today and is now available for download from the ListMessenger downloads page. This new version has many benefits over it’s predecessor and is based on the ListMessenger Pro 2.0 code-base minus the advanced features of course. To get the full feature set and comparison between Pro and Light 2.0 please visit our the Features page on our website:

  • There is a 200 subscriber soft-limit.
  • There is no advanced sending engine to control speed, pause, resume, etc.
  • There is no import / export tools.
  • There is no file attachment management.
  • There is no text or HTML e-mail template support.
  • InnovaStudio WYSIWYG editor is not available.
  • Priority support is not given.

Now that ListMessenger Light 2.0 has been released, development of ListMessenger 3.0 will begin. In fact, a development out line has already been started and will be made available as soon as it is complete.