Today marks the end of long development cycle and out of that development cycle we are delighted to present you with ListMessenger Pro 2.0, our next generation electronic mailing list management system. This new version of ListMessenger encompasses an inordinate number of feature requests provided by our customer base and will provide a stable and solid foundation for future releases of both our Light and Professional versions of our product.

Full details of the changes within ListMessenger Pro can be found in the changelog.txt file available on our website; however, the following is a list of major enhancements to the program:

  • Complete rewrite of ListMessenger 1.0 codebase.
  • Custom e-mail fields support.
  • E-Mail attachements and managment support.
  • Subscriber importing and exporting system.
  • Enhanced backup and restore system.
  • Unlimited group levels.
  • Select and send to multiple groups at once.
  • Duplicate e-mail address removal.
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe notifications.
  • New language files and language choice options.
  • HTMLArea 3.0 rich text editor for Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape and Internet Explorer.
  • Enhanced message archives.
  • Moveable public and private folders.
  • Upgrade from all previous releases of ListMessenger.
  • Fantastic User Guide (Manual) by Erik Geurts. *available shortly
  • Optional error logging.
  • No more pop-up window to send messages.
  • New custom ListMessenger icon set.
  • Much more.

Over the next week, we will be spending a lot of time upgrading the ListMessenger website to reflect the changes of ListMessenger, so we apologize that some of the information and demo is currently out of date.

For those of you interested in ListMessenger Light 2.0 news, we plan on releasing ListMessenger Light 2.0 in the coming weeks. This new release of ListMessenger Light will have many of the benefits of ListMessenger Pro with the usual limitations on the number of subscribers you’re able to handle, without the Backup & Restore and Import & Export tools, etc. More information on this will be available shortly.

You have also probably already noticed that we have updated our ListMessenger Forums with forums specific to ListMessenger 1.0 and ListMessenger 2.0. We will continue to support ListMessenger 1.0 users in the coming months with the understanding that our goal is migration from 1.0 to 2.0.

Thank-you for reading our ListMessenger announcements and we look forward to hearing your suggestions and feedback about our new release.