A New Face for ListMessenger – A New Forum for Users

After over a year and a half calling http://scripts.digitalorphans.org/listmessenger home, the new ListMessenger website has finally been launched at http://www.listmessenger.com and will continue to expand over the next few months. Content to be added includes manuals and documentation, search functionality, reseller and community information as well as the much anticipated ListMessenger Light 1.0. I feel that the new website is the professional face to a professional product and with enhancements will do us well for the exciting year ahead.

I also took this opportunity to upgrade the forum from InvisionBoard 1.1.2 to InvisionBoard 1.3 and give it a similar look and feel as listmessenger.com.

In either case, there are bound to be a few hiccups somewhere that we haven’t caught during debugging and testing, so if you find something that you feel doesn’t work properly or has errors please send a bug report to: bugreport@listmessenger.com and please include the exact URL, your operating system, web-browser and version as well as any special applications you may have had running at the time the error occurred.